Narrative Behind the Numbers

Data is the key that can unlock the secret to why your customers make a purchase, what training programs are churning out star performers and how certain business processes are standing in the way of progress. Yet organizations need to be able to extract meaningful insights from the data they collect in order to reap real value.

Enter data visualization tools. These solutions enable everyday employees to tease out actionable insights from data without degrees in data science. In fact, according to an IDG Research study, among the respondents who say their organizations are highly or somewhat effective at big data analysis, 58% have already implemented, or are in the process of implementing, a data visualization solution; another 40% expect to implement one.

So what should you look for in a data visualization solution? Join this webinar to learn what you should expect from today’s data visualization tools and how they can impact an organization’s bottom line.

  • Must-have features: Drag & drop usability; compelling graphics; easy-to-generate reports; integration capabilities.
  • What to expect: Greater collaboration among line-of-business leaders; enhanced accessibility; cloud options; 10x the speed of traditional BI tools.
  • What not to expect: Instant discoveries; enterprise-wide adoption; easy implementation of new insights.

Featured speakers: 

Cindy Waxer

Contributing Editor, Ziff Davis

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