Monitoring Tableau Logs for Successful DataOps

The practice of DataOps has grown increasingly important across organizations that value data-driven decision making. As more teams within a company find themselves relying on data, the more crucial it becomes to ensure data is consistently available and accurate. As a result, monitoring and analyzing data streams, visualization platforms and reporting tools has become a critical need across data-driven organizations.

Join Logentries Product Marketing Director Matt Kiernan and Pluralsight Data Analytics Director Mike Roberts as they demonstrate how to monitor and analyze logs from a tool like Tableau to ensure consistent data availability.

This webinar will cover:

  • The importance of DataOps
  • What type of metrics should be considered when monitoring a tool like Tableau
  • Specific queries, alerts and graphs you should be using to analyze Tableau logs

Featured speakers: 

Mike Roberts

Director of Data Analytics, Pluralsight

Matt Kiernan

Director of Product Marketing, Logentries

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