Gathering BI Requirements

Traditional systems development projects are process driven, and the requirements-gathering activities proceed accordingly. Business intelligence initiatives are data driven, and this requires a different approach to understanding the needs. This webinar examines three major differences and techniques for getting requirements.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • The program orientation of business intelligence necessitates a clear understanding of the architectural requirements. These are not project-specific. They help us understand the types of capabilities that need to be performed and provide a foundation for determining information, technology, and skill requirements.
  • Once the capabilities needs are known, information needs for the specific initiative can be solicited. However, even these are not straightforward, because the data orientation crosses function and process lines.
  • The required skills and knowledge of the business analysts are a third area of difference.

Many techniques are available for discovering the requirements, and several of them are briefly reviewed, with an emphasis on how the technique should be adjusted for the BI environment.

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