Bring Your Own Device: Strategies for the Savvy Healthcare CIO

Healthcare organization CIOs have to say no a lot. But one of the requests that’s becoming very difficult to decline is: "Can I use my tablet to see results, input orders, etc.?" While saying yes might make you popular, you can only do so if compliance and security issues are deftly dealt with. In this webinar, you’ll hear from one CIO who has devised strategies to say yes while not putting his organization at risk (or in the poor house). With happy docs such a part of your success in other critical areas, this is one hour of education you can’t afford to miss.

Attend our live event and get your questions answered during our 20-minute Q&A. Not sure you can make it? No worries – register today and you’ll receive an email the moment our archive is ready.

Featured speakers: 

Fernando Martinez Ph.D.

Sr. Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Parkland Hospital

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