Amplify Your Dashboards - Consumer Orbit Reveals the Secrets to Their Success

Consumer Orbit, a leading aggregator of consumer behavior-based information, has built their business on delivering business-ready, interactive dashboards for its clients. But with most clients having more than 10 different databases of information getting a complete 360 degree customer view presented a time consuming challenge. Consumer Orbit needed to find a way to build dashboards for their clients in days not months and make them extendable beyond one or two clients.

Join us for this webinar and hear how Consumer Orbit was able to change their business by using technology to blend and analyze data from all of their customer sources, perform sophisticated segmentation analytics, and deliver interactive marketing dashboards for their customers.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Blend datasets from multiple sources without IT intervention or delays
  • Create predictive & spatial analysis with a simple workflow
  • Deliver and iterate visualizations with deep analytical context

Featured speakers: 

Bill Engel, Consumer Orbit


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