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Tableau allows anyone with retail data to quickly see, understand and share valuable insights.

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With new channels emerging and customer expectations for tailored, immersive experiences continuing to grow, the need for clear, actionable customer insight is only going to increase. Retailers that hope to continue to remain competitive need fast, complete self-service analytics—and the sooner the better.

Tableau allows you to quickly connect to relevant, diverse data and turn it into useful visualizations. Instead of timelines lasting months, you can be dragging and dropping to create your first visualization (and finding your first insights) in minutes.


5 Charts Every Retail Manager Needs

Retail is complex, and growing even more so by the minute. Take a look at this whitepaper to see the charts, graphs and maps that will help you to stay on top of your retail data now and into the future.

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One King's Lane

Redesigning Retail: Enterprise-Wide Data Analytics

One Kings Lane, launched in 2009, is an online destination for brand name, vintage, and designer items. With more than 10 million members, One Kings Lane is valued at almost $1 Billion. In this video, One Kings Lane employees discuss how they use data to drive success.


Customer Distribution and Sales

Different stores have different customers, and different customers demand different products. This visualization was designed to help make that easier by identifying trends among stores and finding the optimal product mix for each one.

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3 Steps to Turn Retail Data Into Profit

Retailers are awash in data, but to what benefit? Often, analytics built from this data overload can carry more noise than insight. This whitepaper explains how to avoid common retail analytics pitfalls and pinpoint the findings that can make your retail business more successful.

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We are moving to a much more data-driven, data decision driving kind of culture, which is why I think it’s the perfect opportunity for something like Tableau.

Do your analytics tools slow you down or speed you up?

Tableau takes the pain out of retail analytics by allowing you to quickly and easily connect to all of your data and visualize it by dragging and dropping… no scripting required. You can connect to almost any data anywhere. Watch the video on the right to see how easy it is to drag and drop your data into beautiful visualizations with Tableau.

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