According to the research company Gartner, 64% of all companies already have invested in - or are planning on investing in - ”Big Data technologies”. Thus, there is no doubt that we are experiencing a paradigm shift in Information Management but contrary to what the term ”Big Data” might indicate, this paradigm shift is not only driven by the question of the amounts of data. The amounts of data are indeed actual problems to some companies, but in reality the paradigm shift is to a greater extent about the new availability of data from many different sources. These years we are witnessing a new wave of digitalization which manifests itself in e.g. self-service solutions or “intelligence” (in the form of sensors) in products and equipment. The common denominator for digitalization initiatives is that they generate data that previously were not available; this creates both new challenges and new opportunities. As to the challenges, there is no doubt that most companies need to bring more focus on agile Data Management. As to the opportunities, there is a need to develop a skill to create business value out of data which goes beyond the traditional management reporting.

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