Custom Site Logos Now Available in Tableau Online

By Ashley Jaschke 2015/06/09

Last week we launched the ability to add a custom logo to a Tableau Online site.

This had been a common feature request. Our customers are proud of their brand and want to showcase it when collaborating on data with colleagues and customers. You can now add the logo by simply dragging and dropping. It’s part of our commitment to continue adding features, large and small, to our cloud analytics product, Tableau Online.

You can change your site logo in three easy steps:
1. Sign in to Tableau Online as the site admin and click on the settings tab.
2. Drag and drop an image into the site logo box.
3. Save.

And now the site is your own!


Submitted by jorge (not verified) on

excellent, but when do you plan to do this for tableau server?

Submitted by Dan T (not verified) on

Bravo, this is a great feature addition - can't wait to use it with my clients. Thank you!

Submitted by singhmonika (not verified) on

Best and good option online Tableau Available.

Submitted by Calo (not verified) on


Submitted by Calo (not verified) on


Submitted by monika (not verified) on

That's aggressive to your tableau online customize sites and nice describe to your point. Thanks for sharing this post.

Submitted by Guest (not verified) on

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Submitted by DBB (not verified) on

Running online server version 9.2 and i do not see this option in the 'settings' tab. I have General, Licenses, and Add A Site options. Is it perhaps because we're still only using the 'Default' site?

Submitted by Ed R. on

Running 9.3. Would like to see this enabled for Tableau Server.

Submitted by Eric Stephens (not verified) on

Hi All.

Wanted to let you know this functionality is available with Tableau Server. You will need to set it up with tabadmin, but the steps are listed clearly here.

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