Introducing Vizable: A New App for iPads

By Dave Story 2015/10/20

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new product, Vizable. If you’ve got an iPad, data, and questions, then Vizable is for you! Vizible is now available for free in the iTunes store. Download it, give it a spin with your data, and let us know what you think.

Some of you may remember an app called “Project Elastic” that we’ve shown over the last year. Vizable is that app’s new name. Vizable makes data analysis more fun and approachable than ever. It connects to spreadsheets right from your iPad. It supports native-touch gestures for asking and answering questions of your data. That means you can explore your data by pinching to add fields, swiping to filter, and dragging to reorder. And it’s fast! From data import to calculations and animations, we put in a lot of effort to make everything fast and fluid. We want people to delight in their data.

So why Vizable? It’s hard to see and understand data files with just an iPad. What would you do if someone asked you to do that today? There are more than one million apps available in Apple’s iTunes Store, yet there’s no great app to see and understand a spreadsheet visually, using only a tablet. That’s why we invented Vizable.

Vizable is a separate product from the Tableau product line. While you can export a CSV file from the Tableau Mobile app and open it with Vizable, the product does not otherwise connect to Tableau Server or Tableau Online directly. We anticipate tighter integration in the future. If you have an existing Tableau Server or Tableau Online account, the amazing all-new Tableau Mobile 9.1 app is the way to go—check it out if you haven’t already done so. It's fast and delightful!

The separation between Vizable and our other products was intentional and opportunistic. Today’s mobile devices are more powerful and capable than ever. We wanted to rethink data analysis in a mobile-only world. We asked ourselves how we’d design a native iOS product from scratch using all the wisdom we’ve gained through our other products. And that’s how Vizable was born! For more details about our vision, check out our new product site.

I encourage you to experience Vizable for yourself and share your feedback with us:

  • Download the app from the iTunes store.
  • Join the Vizable World community. Engage with your colleagues and friends; submit your feedback and suggestions.
  • Share your favorite Vizable discovery (we call them “Moments”) with a friend.
  • Join the conversation on Twitter, using the hashtag #vizable.

We’re just at the start of this journey. We’re very excited to get Vizable in your hands, and can’t wait to share the next set of amazing innovations.


Submitted by Ashu Pendse (not verified) on

Hi Dave,
I was thoroughly enjoying the TC15 virtual experience sitting on my couch at home. Just wonderful demos!! particularly your sleek swipes on the demo tablet!! Really simple palatable and coming from an SAP world in my past work experience I'm not intimidated anymore to play with data.
Thank you TABLEAU!!

Submitted by IMagine (not verified) on

Would there be a MS Windows tablet version in a foreseeable future? Or Android?

Submitted by Mark F. on

Allow me to be the 43,268th person to ask about Android rollout plans.

Submitted by Lisa E. on

Yes, Android please!

Submitted by Barry Borman (not verified) on

Is it possible to input output from Tableau into Vizable?

Submitted by Dave S. on

Glad you enjoyed it, Anshu! Can't wait to hear your comments on about your live experience once you have it on your iPad.

Submitted by Dave S. on

Hi Mark, Imagine, and the other 43,266 folks...

Yes, we hear you on Android. Right now we are polishing the experience and making sure it shines on iOS. There's so much we want to add, and we are not ignoring Android. We just want to get a truly compelling app on one platform, before we spread out our resources.


Submitted by Dave S. on

Hi Barry,

Yes! In fact, if you use Tableau Mobile, and you have the correct rights, you can directly export your selected data to CSV and "Open In..." with Vizable.

To do this, go into Live View, tap the black and white Export icon (looks like an arrow) in the top center under the orange "Snapshot / Live View" buttons, then tap "view underlying data" and choose "download data (as CSV" --> you should see it in Safari and be given the option to "Open In..."

If it doesn't work, try making a selection or moving your view, and also check whether the owner of that workbook has enabled "export" rights for you.

Hope that helps enough to get you started!


Submitted by Helen Lindsay (not verified) on

Can you please comment on the technical specification of the iPad required to run Vizable (well)? The App store states ISO 8 or above. Is that all I need to know? Is the amount of storage relevant to the Excel file size I can work with?

Submitted by Marco (not verified) on

Is it possible to white label this app?

Wondering if this is possible to allow customer acces and download of a white label visable?

Submitted by John Burton (not verified) on

Love this app. It's so sleek. An iPhone version would be amazing.

Submitted by Matt (not verified) on

Will there be an iPhone version?

Submitted by Dave Story (not verified) on

Dear All - please join the Vizable World community at !

The team monitors that forum much more actively than our blog posts.

A few answers to questions above:

Helen: The basic specs we recommend are set by Apple: any hardware that is iOS8 compatible, but we recommend an Air or later generation.

Marco: We don't currently have any plans for a white-label version of the app. Can you say more about what you'd like about that?

John, Matt: That's a great idea, we'd love to do that. But we want to do it only when we can deliver the 5-star experience we can deliver on iPad. That said...stay tuned...


Submitted by gaurav (not verified) on

And that was Oct last year. Anything we have on Android yet? A beta maybe!?

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