Celebrate an Exciting Tableau Online Announcement with Us!

By Sasha Pasulka 2014/04/02

Shhh … it’s a secret! Next week, we’ll be announcing exciting news about Tableau Online. To celebrate, we’re inviting data lovers from all over the globe to mix, mingle and enjoy a few drinks on us. No speeches, no demos, just a chance to network and throw one back with people who are dreaming about what’s possible with data.

We’ll be hosting happy hours in the following cities on Thursday, April 10, from 5:30-7:30 pm local time (6-8 pm in Asia-Pacific cities). Click on a city name to reserve your spot. If you’re not near one of these areas, never fear! We’ll be having quite the virtual party on Twitter and Facebook as well.

Stay tuned for the big news next week! We hope to see you next Thursday.

Click a city name to reserve your spot at the party in:

San Francisco


Submitted by Shagun Bhardwaj (not verified) on

Hi Tableau Team,

Great to hear are you have some exciting announcements for people.

I do have a suggestion though, I don't see India in the list of cities that you have up on the website.

I have worked in Accenture and now at Intelligrape and believe tableau has great work prospects. So try not to miss out on Indian audience.

Shagun Bhardwaj
Big Data Consultant
Intelligrape, Noida

Submitted by MG Vinoth Kumar (not verified) on

Hi Tableau Team,

I would like to resonate on Shagun's thought above, try not to miss out Indian audience.
I'm sure that you are well aware that we have large number of experts in India working & innovating on Tableau.

MG Vinoth Kumar
Hyderabad, India

Submitted by richard (not verified) on


Thanks for your comments - truly appreciate it.

We are actively working in India.
In fact, we are running an event in Mumbai today and in Delhi on Friday. Here are the registration pages:
1. Mumbai: http://www.tableausoftware.com/learn/events/tableauexperience-mumbai
2. Delhi: http://www.tableausoftware.com/learn/events/tableauexperience-delhi

Our team in India, led by our Country Manager Deepak Ghodke will be on-site and would love to meet you and explore how we can continue to support you better.


Submitted by Shagun B. on

Hi Richard,
Thanks for your reply and its great news.
I'll be really glad to join and discuss potential Tableau prospectives.


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