Tableau 6.0: What-If Modeling with Parameters

By Ellie Fields 2010/10/27

One of the most powerful new features in Tableau 6 is the ability to create variables for use in your analysis. We call these parameters, and they open up new possibilities from sensitivity analysis to what-if modeling.

See how this works:

Get your hand on Parameters and the other new 6.0 features at one of our roadshows. They're free but are filling up fast!

In this series of short videos we'll show you some of the best features of the upcoming Tableau 6.0 release. Watch the blog for videos on parameters, combo charts, and the Data Engine.


Submitted by Michael C. on


Thank you for a very informative explanation of the new parameters and what-if modeling capabilities in Tableau 6.0. Quite powerful, and just one of the many exciting game changers in the upcoming release. You keep making the hard simple, turning Pat Hanrahan's axiom, "Easy is hard," right around, and proving it at the same time. Can't wait for our clients' jaws to drop in the coming months!!

Peace and All Good!
Michael W Cristiani

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Submitted by zubalove (not verified) on

Very exciting! Before I get my hopes up, I need to know whether this will work with dates (both as a dimension and a measure). And the verdict is?

Submitted by Jerome C. on

Very nifty. I used horrible workarounds to approximate this in previous versions of Tableau.
Are you considering putting the workbooks in the demo video up for downloads? beyond the use of parameters they look very well done to me and I'd love to have a look on how they are made

Submitted by Ellie F. on

@zubalove, feel free to get your hopes up. You can create a parameter that is of type Date or Date & time. For the sake of completeness, the other options are Float, Integer, String and Boolean.

@Jerome: Absolutely, attaching workbooks now. You need the latest beta version to look at them. By the way, love the OECD blog!

@mcristia: Thanks! Best to you too.

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