3D Dashboard? (It's not what you think...)

By Ross Perez 2011/01/31

Don't worry- we are not introducing 3D dashboards. However, we had to share this amazing 3D vector view with you all, straight from Doug Rudoff. Play around with the filters to flip Bessy here around.

Make sure to download the viz to see how Doug achieved his masterpiece. What's amazing is how relatively simple it was to create, if you ignore the work he did with the data.


Submitted by Doug R. on

Ask away, if you have any questions about the viz.

Submitted by Joe M. on

This is really great. The dodecahedron sheet with the pages shelf play button really highlighted the effect.

Have you tried doing this with polygons yet, and changing the color of the polygon based on the angle? I don't think you could do a texture map on a polygon, but each can be a different color.

Submitted by Maxime (not verified) on

Love those beautiful vector views, thanks for including the download link! The possibilities seem endless once you have a robust basis for visualisations.

Kind regards,
CEO Referencement Suisse

Submitted by Jimmy (not verified) on

This is awesome!