Tableau's Data Visualization Tools

Data Visualization Tools

Tableau's Data Visualization Tools let you and your organization work smarter. No deployment. No waiting. Just incredible ROI. Start analyzing your data like never before.

Why are Data Visualization Tools So Hot Right Now?

Data visualization tools are indispensable tools for any analyst. With data visualization tools, information can be processed visually, which is far more efficient than searching through endless rows and columns of data.

Employees at all levels of an organization can benefit from data visualization tools, from top-level executives tracking real-time performance on dashboards, to entry-level employees wrestling with Excel spreadsheets. Cornell's Director of Data Administration says that data visualization changed their organization: "Tableau is the best thing that ever happened to us. We've flipped the ratio with Tableau--we've spent 90 percent of our time on the data [and 10 percent on the tool]. We had a significant ROI."

A good data visualization tool incorporates:

  • visual design best practices
  • real-time data analysis
  • interactive data exploration
  • fast setup with little to no IT support

Next-generation data visualization tools empower employees across an organization to ask and answer their own question. With drag-and-drop interfaces and one-click visualizations, data visualization tools like Tableau allow even the least technical user to obtain actionable insights in seconds.

See how baby names can be analyzed with data visualization tools:
Data Visualization Tools for Baby Names

Choosing Between Data Visualization Tools

Today's leading data visualization tools incorporate cutting-edge academic research to communicate information with maximum effectiveness. Tableau's software grew out of breakthrough data visualization technology from Stanford University.

Are you demanding enough from your data visualization tools?

  • Data visualization tools should support interactive exploration. Visualization aids the process of data analysis, it doesn't follow it.
  • Data visualization tools should be intuitive to work with. You should be able to explore a hunch in seconds, without an information request to IT.
  • Data visualization tools should make sharing insights easy. It should take just a click to publish your results to the web.

See how a sales director might use data visualization tools:
Data Visualization Tools for a Sales Pipeline

Tableau's Data Visualization Tools:

  • Convert numbers into multi-dimensional visualizations
  • Create interactive analytical maps in a single click
  • Allow on the fly calculations and groups
  • Connect to databases and spreadsheets of any size

For more information on Tableau's data visualization tools, see our product tour.

The current generation of data visualization tools are changing the way people work with data. Creating a chart or graph was traditionally the final step in the data analysis process. Cumbersome tools were used to analyze data in numerical form, and once insight was obtained, a data visualization tool was used to prepare the result for presentation.

Times have changed. Businesses have realized how much faster humans process pictures than text and are seeing strong ROI on their data visualization tools. Explore some examples to see how more more effectively data is communicated when it is presented visually.

Example Uses of Tableau's Data Visualization Tools:

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Tableau is a software company with roots in the field of information visualization. Based on breakthrough innovations from researchers from Stanford University, Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server are award-winning data visualization tools. They're fast, easy and beautiful. Try our free trial and see what data visualization tools should be.

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