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Esta versión es una actualización importante que soluciona los siguientes problemas de los productos Tableau 8.1 y 8.1.1.

Todas las extracciones de Salesforce que fueron creadas en las versiones 8.0, 8.1 y 8.1.1 o que hayan sido actualizadas a estas versiones pueden contener datos imprecisos o dañados. Este problema se corrige al actualizar las extracciones a Tableau 8.1.2. Inicialmente, se forzarán las actualizaciones programadas o manuales a que sean actualizaciones completas. Las actualizaciones posteriores volverán a ser acumulativas como está especificado originalmente.

En Tableau Desktop, se le solicitará que actualice las extracciones de Salesforce antes de continuar usando el libro de trabajo. Asegúrese de guardar el libro de trabajo para garantizar que los datos estén correctos cuando se vuelva a abrir el libro de trabajo posteriormente.

En Tableau Server, las vistas originales permanecerán disponibles con datos imprecisos hasta que se actualicen las extracciones.

Fecha de la versión:
22 Dic, 2013
Número de versión de compilación de Tableau Desktop:
Número de versión de compilación de Tableau Server:
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Issue ID

When connecting to Salesforce data, creating multiple connections to the same data would not work and only one connection would be made.


The connection name for extracts from Salesforce data could not be changed.


When connected to a Salesforce data source, fields that contain a percentage were incorrect by a factor of 100. The automatic formatting for these types of columns is now disabled. To format these columns with the percent symbol (%), right-click the field and select Default Properties > Number Format. Then select Number (Custom) and add the percent symbol as a suffix.

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Issue ID

Resolved a privately reported blind SQL injection vulnerability in Tableau Server. The vulnerability could have allowed arbitrary SQL commands to be passed to the Tableau Server backend database for execution. An attacker who successfully exploited the vulnerability could have taken complete control of an instance of Tableau Server. An attacker would have needed valid credentials or the guest account would have had to have been enabled to exploit this vulnerability. This vulnerability is rated Critical for 8.0.x and 8.1.x versions of Tableau Server, and customers are urged to upgrade at their earliest opportunity. Tableau has not received any information to indicate that this vulnerability has been publicly used to attack customers at the time this update was released. Tableau would like to thank Tanya Secker and Christiaan Esterhuizen of Trustwave SpiderLabs for identifying and reporting this issue (CVE-2014-1204) and for working with us to help protect our customers.

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