TCC Speaker Resource Center - FAQ

Deploy and Grow This track will focus on customer with server-level deployments of Tableau. The customer speakers in this track discuss when and why they decided to do a large deployment, what was involved in that process, how the organization uses server today, lessons learned, and what's been gained from the broader deployment.

Building a Tableau Culture This track focuses on stories that feature championing Tableau inside an organization, with the goal of creating a more analytical organization that makes decisions better and faster. How do you build a Tableau culture? What are the pain points? How do you get past them? How do you convey the value of Tableau to managers, teachers, nurses and CEOs? And what is the result inside an organization once you've succeeded?

Cool Use Cases There are Tableau stories that are just so cool that they'll capture the attention of anyone, even people outside your industry. Did you use Tableau to help an entire district of high-risk kids graduate from high school? To predict or prevent serious crime? To help a major movie studio decide which films got the green light?

Tips & Tricks The Tips & Tricks track focuses on the ins and outs of Tableau. Did you write powerful open source code to optimize your database for Tableau? Did you mastermind a very cool way to integrate Tableau with Hadoop? Are you doing something something revolutionary with geo-coding? This is the track for your tips & tricks.

Industry Tracks If your talk will present a use case that will be especially relevant to other attendees in your industry, submit it for one of our industry tracks. You'll get an engaged audience who understands why your story matters. Don't see your industry listed on the industry tracks? Submit to our "Other" industry track.