Tableau Confessions: You Can Select Multiple Objects in Action Dialogs!

By Guest Author 06 Mayo, 2016

Note: The following is a guest post by Tableau Zen Master Mark Jackson.

I have no idea how long you've been able to do this, but it is something I recently figured out.

For a long time, it has frustrated me that there is no "select/deselect all" button on the action dialogs in Tableau.

Apparently you can CTRL- or SHIFT-select multiple objects and check them all at once. Observe the magic:

For more tips, tricks, and ideas by Mark, check out his Tableau Public page and his blog, Tableau Zen. You can also connect with him on Twitter @ugamarkj.

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Submitted by Jeremy P. on

Also, Ctrl-A works in 9.2,9.3 and 10. Don't have an instance of 9.1 to test with but does not work on 9.0.1 which is my prod version.

I use Ctrl-A, spacebar to clear the long list of sheets frequently. Hope that helps!!

Submitted by Tharashasank D. on

Thank you for this tip. It will be very helpful for me do deal with more sheets.

Submitted by Leigh F. on

I just sighed with relief. Thank you, Mark. This will be a huge time and error saver.

Submitted by Gaya Madu (no verificado) on

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