New report on the value of ERP + Business Intelligence by top Aberdeen analysts

By Ellie Fields 29 Mayo, 2012

What do you get when you combine ERP data with Business Intelligence? Open exchange of ideas, an environment of accountability, and faster decision-making, say two of Aberdeen's top analysts.

Aberdeen's analysts on Business Intelligence-- David White-- and ERP-- Nick Castellino-- teamed up to look at what happens when organizations apply BI to their ERP systems, with a specific focus on SAP. The results are striking.

"For example, 64% of organizations using ERP with BI have a standard process in place to define and communicate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Only 46% of organizations using solely business intelligence take a similar approach, while only 31% of companies using only ERP do so."

There is also a drastic change in the ability of managers to get information in a timely manner. "when both ERP and BI Co-exist, managers are able to find the information they need - in the time they need it to support their decisions - 73% of the time. For ERP alone that is possible only 59% of the time, on average."

What I've always appreciated about Aberdeen's Best-in-Class survey results and methodology is that their reports show real results with real organizations, not speculation. White and Castellino apply that methodology to produce a compelling paper that is well worth a read.

Today Tableau is also announcing connectivity to SAP BW..

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