License Exchange Request Form

This form can be used to submit a request to exchange one licensed user for another within your organization, in the event that a named user leaves your organization or group. Tableau issues named user licenses which are governed by our End User License Agreement. To read the full details, please go to:

NOTE: All fields are required

Requestor Information:
License Key uninstalled/deleted
Named User
New License Key Request
Named User
Electronic Software Distributor (ESD) Access Rights:
  • The license key, application and all associated files have been uninstalled/deleted from the Named User's machine(s).
  • I understand that only by uninstalling/deleting the software and all associated files are you qualified to have a License Key reissued.
  • I am requesting that the original user's License Key be destroyed and a new license key be issued for the named user below.
  • This request does not modify any terms of the EULA nor does it extend any terms of the maintenance agreement.

By checking this box, you certify that you are authorized to initiate such a transaction and you agree to the above terms.

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