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Diese Version beinhaltet ein Update, das sich mit der kritischen Sicherheitsschwachstelle Heartbleed befasst.

Heartbleed ist eine kritische Sicherheitsschwachstelle in der OpenSSL-Bibliothek (Version 1.0.1). OpenSSL ist eine Open-Source-Software, die von zahlreichen Websites und Software-Produkten genutzt wird, auch von einigen Tableau-Produkten. Durch die Heartbleed-Schwachstelle kann ein Angreifer den Arbeitsspeicher einer Client- oder Serveranwendung lesen. Auf diese Weise können Verschlüsselungscodes ausgelesen und Daten entschlüsselt werden, die aus dem Datenverkehr abgefangen wurden. Weitere Details zu Tableau-Updates im Zusammenhang mit diesem Problem, zu den betroffenen Tableau-Produkten und wie Tableau aktualisiert werden kann, finden Sie im Knowledge Base-Artikel über das Heartbleed-Problem.

10 Apr, 2014

New Capabilities

Added support for Microsoft SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse V2.

Tableau Desktop (Back to top)
Issue ID

Publishing a workbook that connected to a Microsoft SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse data source erroneously displayed the "Impersonate via embedded credentials" option.


Mark labels would sometimes overlap. The issue would affect vertical labels that use multiple text styles in the same line.


Corrected an issue with relative date filters for Hive data sources.


It was not possible to establish connections to Cloudera Hadoop when Impala was being used for Kerberos authentication.


Updated geocoding to improve placement for a number of locations.


With data blending, user calculations using cube measures and having non-additive aggregate derivations would sometimes display and log an “Internal Error” message (without any additional details) in Tableau Desktop. Under such circumstances, relevant fields and views are now correctly flagged as "invalid."


Essbase connections that time out are now silently re-established. If a connection attempt fails, an error message displays.

Tableau Server (Back to top)
Issue ID

Addressed a "Denial of Service" vulnerability in Tableau Server's Ruby on Rails code.


Workbooks that connected to cube data sources would open with intermittent errors from the data source. This was due to numerical counters being added to measures, and to calculated measures in particular.


On Tableau Server, selecting "Assign Permissions to Contents" would not work as expected. For example, permissions assigned at the project level were not being applied to the workbooks in the project.


In Tableau Server, mark labels would sometimes overlap. The issue would affect vertical labels that use multiple text styles in the same line.

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