Tableau 6.0 Preview

Tableau 6.0 Our Biggest Release Ever

Tableau was born of a relentless focus on helping you see and understand data.

Enter Tableau 6.0

This release changes what you can achieve with data. Analyze millions of rows in seconds with the new Data Engine. Mash up different data sources with drag-and-drop ease using data blending.

But it's not all about data. Internet-scale performance and server manageability pump up Tableau Server’s horsepower. And beautiful new features, from page history to combination charts to what-if modeling with parameters make Tableau 6 a head-turner. Get a preview:

Download Tableau 6.0 Desktop

Download Tableau 6.0 Server

Dead-Easy Data Blending

Mash up data from different sources into a single view. What you used to do with a six-months-long IT project you can now do by pointing and clicking.

Combine financial results from an Oracle database with sales targets in Microsoft Excel. Normalize incidence data by blending in census data. Just drag and drop.

Too good to be true? It's not. Data blending short video.

Big, Fast Data

Analyze millions of rows of data with Tableau’s Data Engine. Interactively. Tableau's architecture-aware solution is a powerful evolution of in-memory technology. It optimizes across all the components of your PC, so you can work with bigger data, faster.

  • Unlike solutions that force your data in-memory, it's your choice-- switch between the Data Engine and a live connection anytime.
  • Traditional in-memory solutions force you to filter your data down to what can fit in RAM. Tableau's new architecture-aware technology means you are not limited by RAM.
  • Once you load data into the Data Engine, Tableau starts up instantly. No waiting to load data in-memory every time you start up.
  • It just works: there's no programming required to use the Data Engine .

Rich Calculations and Parameters

Calculations in Tableau are now twice as powerful. You can now use table calculations in custom calculations. This enables scenarios such as indexing and sampling, time shifting to a common start point, ratios between running sums and difference from average.

Another big feature that grew out of customer requests is user-defined variables, or parameters. Parameters let you do what-if modeling right in a view. Change an interest rate, a start date or a purchase price to see how your analysis changes.

Watch a short video on parameters.


Visualizations load and perform faster. Publishing is faster. Overall load time on Tableau Server is faster. Performance enhancements throughout the product along with the blazing speed of the Data Engine make Tableau 6 a speed demon.

Tableau Server Manageability

Manage large groups of users more easily with a user shopping cart. Synchronize with Active Directory any time. Manage your workbooks more easily with a project view. Give people who manage content specialized capabilities with a new role: content administrator. It's all about making life easier with large user groups.

Jaw-dropping Visual Analytics

Create a single visualization that uses different mark types. Bar & line charts are just one possibility; there are thousands more with the new combination charts feature.

And page history now lets you analyze changes over time, do path analysis and see incident density. Publish the page shelf to Tableau Server to give your users the ability to animate changes through time.