Von Guest Author 28 Okt, 2016

Recently I fell in love with the small-multiples types of graphs that show each individual state level metrics separated into a grid-style layout. Being the data hacker that I am, I decided to use my rusty JavaScript skills to auto-generate 50 individual state-level maps from one Tableau viz.

Von Andy Cotgreave 27 Okt, 2016

Elections are exciting times for the data visualization and data journalism field. The innovations in each election cycle set the trend for the future of the field.

Von Guest Author 26 Okt, 2016

Mentoring is such a great way to learn for both the mentor and the mentee. Through this relationship, we provide counsel and help each other grow. This can work almost any way you’d like. It can be formal (assigned) or informal (unassigned). It can be short or long-term.

Von Ellie Fields 25 Okt, 2016

We’re not going to talk mobile dashboards; we’re talking about mobile users and how to design for them. Here are three things to keep in mind about mobile users.

Von Guest Author 24 Okt, 2016

I have lived in my house for 14 years. And every Halloween, I get inundated with trick-or-treaters. Year after year, it's like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory at my house, with candy flying out the door. Now, being a data guy, what do I do? Well, that's simple—I count them.

Von Guest Author 21 Okt, 2016

When working with clients, the most sought-after requirement is to extend collaboration capabilities with cross-device data annotation and database write-back features. We leverage Tableau 10's feature-rich APIs to handle that request.

Von Guest Author 19 Okt, 2016

A lot of my previous work has been centered around custom maps or mapping techniques within Tableau. I've always been fascinated with FiveThirtyEight's custom electoral-college cartogram used in its 2016 election forecast. This type of cartogram was created in response to critiques about the use of geographic maps to show election data. So here's how I did it in Tableau.

Von Jason Schumacher 19 Okt, 2016

The Tableau Foundation's Living Annual Report is a take on the traditional, glossy printed annual report. We share the methodology and design tips from ours to foster greater conversations about transparency and reporting for those working in social good.

Von Marissa Michelotti 18 Okt, 2016

When you hear data, what two words come to mind? Take just one minute to share your two words. Don’t worry, there isn’t a right or wrong answer—data means many things to many people. So tell us your two-word definition of data.

Von Guest Author 17 Okt, 2016

Tableau dumbbell charts, also known as DNA charts, are an alternative visualization choice for illustrating the change between two data points. Dumbbell charts get their slang name from their appearance, which look similar to weights, and sometimes strands of DNA, when they are in a horizontal orientation.

Von Neal Myrick 14 Okt, 2016

I’m pleased to share the Tableau Foundation’s brand new Living Annual Report. We’ve ditched the traditional, glossy-printed annual report for a live report so anyone can get near-real-time information on what we’re doing around the globe.

Von Jeff Mills 12 Okt, 2016

Oldcastle wasn’t consuming its data in the most efficient way. And as North America’s leading manufacturer of building products and materials (“masonry and hardscapes, otherwise known as sexy concrete,” says Ian), the company had a lot of data.

Von Guest Author 11 Okt, 2016

Here are three lessons I’ve learned through my own journey and through conversation with other women in tech.

Von Sarah Nell 10 Okt, 2016

Whether you’re a beginner or a Jedi, we have entire courses dedicated to helping you do more with your data. These courses have helped thousands of people to learn Tableau faster than they thought was possible.

Von Ross Perez 07 Okt, 2016

At most organizations, the SQL database is sacrosanct. Day in and day out, DBAs protect the write operations and storage requirements of the database to ensure that no matter what, every piece of data is accurately recorded for posterity. Analysis? In most cases, analysis can wait. Extracts can be scheduled at slow times of the day like the early morning. Live connections to the database during business hours (when business users actually have questions) are dangerous and unnecessary. Unfortunately, this limits the usefulness of the data that is being so carefully stored and curated.

Von Guest Author 06 Okt, 2016

Years ago, one of my colleagues asked if you could eventually learn everything there was to ever know about Tableau. Naively, I said, “Yes.” But I was wrong! I learn Tableau every day.

Von Ben Lower 05 Okt, 2016

You asked for API improvements, and we’ve heard you. In Tableau 10.1, we’ve made improvements to many of our APIs to let you do more, and do them more easily. We’ve also released a brand-new client library that drastically reduces the amount of code required to use the REST API.

Von Marissa Michelotti 04 Okt, 2016

Check out our latest round of the Best of the Tableau Web!

Von Martha Kang 03 Okt, 2016

Eight-year-old Joe Radburn spends many Mondays “doing data.” Joe is a regular in Makeover Monday, a weekly exercise in reimagining data visualizations. “My dad downloads the data, and then I have like 20 minutes to kind of get happy with it. Then once I’m happy with it, my dad looks at it,” says Joe.

Von Jade Le Van 30 Sep, 2016

When we asked you to share #DataLessons (advice for people starting their data journey), the wisdom started flowing in! And once again, we were reminded of what a generous and thriving community we have. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced vizzer, we are sure that some of these tips will resonate with you as much as they did with us! Here are the highlights.

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