The Decline of BI-nosaurs and the Rise of Self-Service Analytics

By Todd Talkington 02 Mai, 2016

Have you ever heard of BI-nosaurs?

At this year's Gartner BI Summit, Gartner's Research Director Joao Tapadinhas presented a session titled “How to Architect a Modern BI and Analytics Platform.”

In this presentation, Joao refers to folks working on traditional BI platforms and not embracing new trends like self-service analytics as BI-nosaurs. If they do not evaluate the new way of doing BI, Joao suggests, they could become extinct.

Now, before you pass judgment on his comment, go to Gartner's on-demand portal and watch Joao’s presentation. He has some very good points. And from our point of view, we are seeing a lot of customers join the self-service movement.

So we, along with our friends at Informatica, developed some tips to help you develop a self-service BI platform. Check them out below.

We'll continue our discussion in our upcoming webinars titled "Architecting Your Modern Analytics Ecosystem – Informatica + Tableau." Sign up to attend on May 19 or June 14.

Going to Informatica World later this month? Our CEO Christian Chabot will speak at the event. And Bryan Hunter from Siemens PLM will share his journey to self-service BI. We hope to see you there.


Submitted by anonim (not verified) on

Submitted by Jefferson (not verified) on

Poderia enviar o Gartner atualizada

Submitted by Todd Talkington (not verified) on

Jefferson, you can find the Gartner webinar by going to the link and searching for How to Architect a Modern BI and Analytics Platform

Submitted by John Jensen (not verified) on

LOVE this, Todd...thank you for sharing.

Submitted by andrew harrington (not verified) on

BI change is predominantly driven by vendors offering "BI-silver-bullet-itas". Based on selling shoddy, part-built tools that often do not live up to their stated "promise".
(but look good on a CV)
In this context the alternative to BI-nosaurs are BI-realists. Reality vs ephemera.

Submitted by Sondra Servais (not verified) on

I guess I'm a BI Realist, having looked at Tableau for analytics and reporting, it required a lot of re-engineering of existing processes. Not so simple as the advertising makes it sound.

Submitted by Todd Talkington (not verified) on

Hi Sondra, Thank you for sharing and I agree with you. Change is never easy. And process would definitely be a part of the consideration when IT is looking to help the business users in this model. What is more important is to ask why. From my experience with customers and with analysts, it is because self-service is making an important and valuable impact on the business. Agility and speed allow the organization to stay more competitive. And front line people are making more informed business decisions with data.

Take a look at a 2 minute video (URL below) from Rory Abbazio from Boston Scientific. Rory is in IT, but made changes that would allow him to become a close partner to the business. He explains the value that it brings to his organization.

Thank you for your thoughts!

Submitted by Bob T. Builder (not verified) on

It's funny that a search on the decline of Tableau lead me here. I only came because it said "BI-nosaurs", that I believe Tableau is, only to find that it was calling OTHER BI platforms "BI-nosaurs". Sorry, but the time of Tableau is over....

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