Tableau 8.1 is in Beta! And So Are Your Ideas

By Ellie Fields 20 Sep, 2013

Tableau 8.1 is now in beta. If you were at TCC13, you got a preview of this release. From new web authoring features to user experience improvements and new statistical functions including integration with R, this release has a lot going for it. And over 22 ideas that you requested are in the Beta.

The Ideas Forum is a place where customers can contribute and and vote on ideas. Our product team regularly looks at these ideas and t heir comments to better understand user requests.

Every time a new release goes into beta, we mark those ideas that have been addressed as BETA.

Here are the 22 ideas that are now in beta with Tableau 8.1, and their vote count.

You'll notice the excitement over "Change the starting week day." This is a particularly important issue in Europe. For a while, it was our top-voted idea so it's especially gratifying for us at Tableau to be able to deliver this feature.

If you weren't at TCC and want to watch the keynote, you can. And if you want to get involved with the 8.1 beta, contact your sales rep to sign up.


Submitted by Michael Mixon (not verified) on

I didn't get the "real" conference guide (I just stuck with the mobile app), and so I'm not sure if I missed out on the info regarding where and how to participate in the beta. Is there a URL and password you can send out to conference attendees?

Submitted by Dustin S. on

Hi Michael,

Your Tableau account manager will be able to you set up with 8.1 beta participation information. Let me know if I can pass along their contact info. to you (


Submitted by Michael Mixon (not verified) on

Thanks Dustin. I got the beta info sent to me and I signed up. Looking forward to playing with it.

Submitted by Bruce S. on

Thanks Dustin! You mean I won't need to save my table calc to change the starting day of a week? Dang! I had internal clients who wanted a week start on a 3 diff't days of the week: Mon, Thur & Fri.

Submitted by Steve K. on

I completed the 8.1 beta participant form about a week ago, but haven't gotten access to the bits yet

Submitted by Dustin S. on

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the heads up on this. Just emailed you some additional information about connecting with your account manager.


Submitted by Walter C. on

Hi Dustin,

How could I sign up for the BETA without waiting for account managers intervention?


Submitted by Jeff R. on

Any idea when Tableau Online will be updated to 8.1? Current indications imply that both Desktop and Online will be updated approximately the same time.

Submitted by Dustin S. on

Hi Jeff!
Tableau Online will most likely move 8.1 about 2 weeks after 8.1 Desktop and Server are released.


Submitted by Deepak Saxena (not verified) on

Hi Dustin,
Please let me know from which link i get the setup of Tableau 8.1 desktop.

Submitted by Deepak S. on

Hi Dustin,
Please let me know from which link i get the setup of Tableau 8.1 desktop and server as well.

Submitted by Ellie F. on

Hi Deepak,

Once 8.1 is released, you will be able to get 8.1 from your customer center, or from the download trial link on the website.


Submitted by Deepak Saxena (not verified) on

Thanx Ellie,

It means this version is not available as of now.

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