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Tableau Online makes analytics faster than ever before. As a managed cloud analytics solution, it allows anyone to share visualizations and datasources with others. Since Tableau Online is hosted by us, we manage the hardware and give you the freedom to spend your time on what really matters: your data.

To get started with Tableau Online, all you need to do is request a free 14 day trial, and download a copy of Tableau Desktop to connect to data and create visualizations. Within minutes, we'll send you a login to your site and you can publish your visualizations and begin sharing with others.

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Taking data to the cloud

JetSuite is an award-winning private jet charter company headquartered in Irvine, California. In this video, four JetSuite employees—from the President to a Mission Control Analyst—talk about how analyzing data in Tableau and sharing insights with Tableau Online helps to make everyone at JetSuite “more effective at doing their jobs.”


Why Business Analytics in the Cloud?

Many business are moving to the cloud for sales data, marketing data, even financial and HR data. But is the cloud right for business analytics? And how should you even begin to think about the decision? In this paper we discuss several factors why you might want to move business intelligence to the cloud.

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Tableau Online Security in the Cloud

The benefits of the cloud are enormous, but many people are curious about the security implications. Read this whitepaper to learn how Tableau Online can help your data be as safe as it has ever been:

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We wanted to liberate the data and get it out to our users. And the way that we did that was through Tableau Online.

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Tableau Online is a comprehensive SaaS business intelligence tool that allows you to share data and visualizations across your organization.

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