Top 10 Cloud Trends for 2016

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The Cloud technology landscape in 2015 changed in ways only a highly disruptive market can. From watershed innovation announcements to unexpected business moves, 2015 drove any last shred of doubt that the cloud revolution is here to stay. The market is coming to realize that data can very efficiently, cost effectively, and safely be stored in the cloud. The database, integration and analytics markets are now in a race to understand how each can ultimately capitalize on this shift.

Read the report to see our predictions for 2016 including:

  • How cloud analytics will help IT
  • Why hybrid cloud strategies are getting easier
  • How hardware giants are staying relevant
  • Why moving data to the cloud is getting closer to copy/paste
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A big advantage of Tableau is that I can use it online – I can concentrate on my core business. I know I'm recording the data, its stored in the Cloud and I can access it and I know it's available.

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