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Tableau is on a mission to help users see and understand their data. To accomplish this mission, our fundamental belief is in the democratization of data, meaning “the people who know the data should be the ones empowered to ask questions of the data.” Everyday knowledge workers should have the ability to easily access their data wherever it may reside. These same knowledge workers should also have the ability to analyze and discover insights about their data without assistance from the elite few - the data scientists and IT developers.

Visualizing data is important regardless of the size of the data because it translates information into insight and action. The approach to visualizing Big Data is especially important because the cost of storing, preparing and querying data is much higher. Therefore, organizations must leverage well-architected datasources and rigorously apply best practices to allow knowledge workers to query Big Data directly. Big Data has been home to a great deal of innovation in recent years - thus there are many options available, each with their different strengths. Tableau’s vision is to support any Big Data platform that becomes relevant to our users, and help them facilitate a real-time conversation with their data.

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The world is moving slowly along this big data paradigm and we're waking up to the power of what we've got in our databases. Up to now, we didn't have the ability to mine that properly. Now with Tableau, we’re much more focused on the data.

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