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Maximizing the Value of Analytics and Big Data

As prior Aberdeen research has shown, managing growing volumes, speed and complexity of data is challenge enough. But, once you have corralled your data, how do you get value from it?

This paper reviews how top-performing organizations are:

  • Maximizing the value that they gain from their big data projects through using analytics to create business insight
  • Pursuing self-service analytics, while bringing advanced data management technologies to bear
  • Meeting business demands for data access 32% more often than those that do not follow big data best practices

Learn how top-performing organizations maximize the value they gain from their big data using analytics.

The world is moving slowly along this big data paradigm and we're waking up to the power of what we've got in our databases. Up to now, we didn't have the ability to mine that properly. Now with Tableau, we’re much more focused on the data.

Joe Madigan
Director of Customer Services, EMEA
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