Four Reasons your Metadata is Broken

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Change the way you think about metadata for a faster, easier approach.

Metadata is more important now than ever. While new technologies enable business users to work directly with data, the consumerization of IT means people expect systems to be intuitive and require little training. With so many people using data to support so many kinds of decisions, it’s critical that your data is described, defined and understood.

Still, too many systems require a slow, rigid approach to metadata. By changing the way you think about metadata, you can make it faster and easier for the business to make sense of their data.

Read this paper to find answers to four common reasons your metadata is broken:

  1. Pre-defining metadata takes too much time and slows down a deployment.
  2. Metadata isn’t as flexible as you need it to be.
  3. Metadata isn’t discoverable in the flow of analysis.
  4. Metadata slows users down rather than helping them.
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