5 Best Practices for Effective Dashboards

Campaign dashboards are powerful because they help you use relevant, current information to understand clearly how marketing campaigns are performing, help guide where to make adjustments and can offer new insights on how to stretch your marketing budget.

With easy to understand dashboards designed for flexible sharing and collaboration, you can gain quick insights in fast-changing environments.

“Take note of these five best practices and evaluate how your marketing efforts measure up.”

Read this whitepaper and learn how to:

  • See your data in new ways and bring it to life
  • Quickly identify when program and campaign issues arise
  • Choose the right metrics to include in your dashboards
  • BONUS: Avoid 7 common mistakes

Download this whitepaper to learn how organizations are using effective marketing campaign dashboards to see in real-time which marketing campaigns yield the most favorable results and adjust accordingly.

Learn the 5 best practices for creating effective marketing dashboards.

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