You already know that using visualizations to communicate data is fast, easy, and efficient (pictures are so much easier to interpret than a crosstab full of numbers!). But you might be wondering how to communicate with your data even faster. Let’s talk about data—specifically visualizing your data in a way that unveils insight faster.

By Nazirah Garrison May 10, 2016

Let me show you how to marry two data tools, Tableau and Google Trends. Why? Because you might want to quickly check how certain categories in your data have fared in search over time relative to one another.

By Ben Jones May 9, 2016

How many of the companies out there are truly innovative? At times the concept of innovation sounds a lot like teenage sex—everyone is talking about it, only a few are doing it, and even fewer are doing it right. I went looking for attributes that make companies truly innovative.

By Mac Bryla May 9, 2016

I have no idea how long you've been able to do this, but it is something I recently figured out. For a long time, it has frustrated me that there is no "select/deselect all" button on the action dialogs in Tableau.

By Guest Author May 6, 2016

Got your data in Google Sheets? You can connect directly to your data in Tableau 10!

By Martin Sleeman May 5, 2016

To meet the many needs of our customers, Tableau’s approach to cloud is simple: It’s all about choice. The choice of how and where you deploy your analytics. The choice to analyze any data, regardless of where it resides, no matter how you’ve chosen to deploy your analytics.

By Ashley Jaschke May 4, 2016

Text tooltips can be a little dull. With visual tooltips, we have more options for data visualization. Drilldown is an easy option.

By Guest Author May 3, 2016

Have you ever heard of BI-nosaurs? At this year's Gartner BI Summit, Gartner's Research Director Joao Tapadinhas presented a session titled “How to Architect a Modern BI and Analytics Platform.” In this presentation, Joao refers to folks working on traditional BI platforms and not embracing new trends like self-service BI as BI-nosaurs. If they do not evaluate the new way of doing BI, Joao suggests, they could become extinct.

By Todd Talkington May 2, 2016

Tableau has multiple forms of calculation. And for those who are new to Tableau, choosing the right type of calculation to employ for a given problem can pose a challenge. So how do you choose the right calculation? Here's a handy guide.

By Alan Eldridge Apr 29, 2016

There is nothing worse than opening a report in an Excel spreadsheet and seeing pages and pages of columns that provide little or no insight into the data. But text tables do have their place, especially in the financial sector. Here are some things to consider when designing text tables.

By Guest Author Apr 28, 2016

When it comes to analytics, sharing is caring.

By Saskia van Daal Apr 27, 2016

I’ve been educated and inspired recently by the best-selling design classic The Design of Everyday Things by UX guru Don Norman.

By Ben Jones Apr 25, 2016

This is a first in a series of posts about some of the well-known “data-viz rules." We often hear these rules, but the details behind them are often not examined in depth or overlooked completely. I wanted to examine a few of them to better understand how they should be applied. For the first in the series, I examined the issue of using red and green together.

By Guest Author Apr 20, 2016

I've read a few data-viz books recently. Here are my quick reviews of Alberto Cairo's The Truthful Art, Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic's Storytelling with Data, and Isabel Meirelles's Design for Information.

By Andy Cotgreave Apr 18, 2016

Installing Tableau Server is about as easy as it gets with server software. Still, if you're new to it, you can use someone to help you figure out what to prepare and how to go through it. And now we've got you covered. Take a look at the brand-new Tableau Server: Everybody’s Install Guide.

By John Speare Apr 18, 2016

Tableau has a very clean user interface which presents users with only the options that are relevant at that time. But sometimes it’s easy for us users to miss what’s staring us in the face. Here are a few of my favourite hidden tricks in Tableau.

By Guest Author Apr 15, 2016

In this post, we’ll dive into the difference between data extracts and live connections, and when to use them. We’ll also look at publishing data sources to Tableau Online.

By Diego medrano Apr 14, 2016

We’re excited to share Dresner Advisory Services, an independent analyst firm, has recognized Tableau as a leader in mobile analytics. You can read the full report here.

By Jingcong Zhao Apr 13, 2016

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