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First time going to the Tableau Conference? Just getting your feet wet with Tableau? With over 5,000 Tableau customers attending, we know there are bound to be a few newbies. Don’t worry. We've got a lot of learning opportunities meant just for you.

By Vanessa Au Aug 29, 2014

Destination Data is right around the corner, and to help you navigate conference, we’re supplying you with the Data14 app, the official guide to the 2014 Tableau Conference that will fit in your pocket (and the palm of your hand). Browse the conference agenda, create your personal schedule, connect via social during presentations, and get all the details about parties, meetups, plus everything else available to you the week of conference. It’s also where you will be able to provide us with valuable feedback on how we can keep improving your conference experience. Game On! Gamify your conference experience by networking with speakers, sponsors, and fellow data lovers (including Tableau employees!) and you could win cool Tableau swag or a free ticket to TC15!

By Pam Gidwani Aug 28, 2014

SXSW is global-scale film, music and interactive festival where people from every corner of the world gather to learn and to be inspired. This year's festival includes session submissions from world-class brands that have transformed their business with Tableau. We also have some of our very own Tabloids (Tableau employees) sharing their know-how on visual analytics. Check out these proposals below and vote for your favorites here:

By Jingcong Zhao Aug 25, 2014

The polls are officially open for the Destination Data Viz as Art contest. We called all data artists to submit their most creative, most beautiful Tableau masterpieces (while not necessarily focusing on data analysis—this time) and received 70 amazing entries. Thanks to everyone who participated! Below are the 10 finalists (in no particular order). Click on the titles to view the original viz on Tableau Public. Voting is taking place exclusively on Twitter, and the three entries that collect the most hashtag mentions (from unique Twitter users) will be turned into screen prints at Tableau Conference in Seattle next month!

By Pam Gidwani Aug 21, 2014

We know the first thing you think of when you think of Seattle is our killer fashion style. Right. We live in a land best known for fleece and flannel; “grunge” was the “fashion” movement that put Seattle on the scene. On any given day you’ll see more Keens and Merrels than Jimmy Choos or Louboutins. Going out to a nice restaurant (Oh, what? We did a blog on where to eat in Seattle? We sure did.)? There’s good money you’ll still see some North Face fleece there—but hey, maybe someone wore their “nice” fleece instead of their “everyday” fleece.

By Pam Gidwani Aug 20, 2014
By Daniel Gabis Aug 18, 2014
By Gordon Rose Aug 15, 2014

Things in the Tableau office can get a little raucous sometimes (we’re kind of excitable), so it’s not uncommon to see people reach for their headphones in order to focus on, oh yeah, their jobs. One of those people is often Senior Data Analyst on the Tableau Public team, resident music lover, and Tableau twitter personality, Jewel Loree (@jeweloree), who you can usually find with big green headphones on, playing with data and rocking out to some tunes. Jewel has worked at Tableau for a year and a half now, and helps journalists and bloggers create awesome vizzes and insight with Tableau Public. In between interacting with insanely smart and creative Tableau Public users every day, she also gets to play with fun data about Pokemon.

By Pam Gidwani Aug 14, 2014

It seems that with every version of Tableau, major or minor, a certain amount of feature requests from the Ideas in the Community are released along with it. When 8.2 came out, we were finally able to mark one of the most popular ideas as Released -- Tableau Desktop/Public for Mac. The idea had over 400 votes, nearly 14,000 views, and was over two years old before it was released. So I decided to sit down with Thierry D’hers, our VP of Program Management, to get a better understanding of how the Tableau Development team uses these ideas and decides when and if they’re included into the product.

By Tracy Fitzgerald Aug 13, 2014

Want to know more about the session content at TC14? Now you can see it for yourself in Tableau. Today, we're making available the raw data sets of our session information, so you can visualize the sessions exactly the way you want to see them. (Of course, you can always find the schedule visualized as the TC14 website.)

By Sasha Pasulka Aug 12, 2014

No blog series about our favorite things about Seattle would be complete without talking about beer. Seattle boasts one of the country’s largest concentration of breweries (seriously, it's like they're on every corner in Ballard), and with good reason: three-quarters of the hops grown in this country come from the nearby Yakima Valley at the base of the Cascade mountain range. Lucky us! And lucky you, too, when you descend on Seattle for this year’s Tableau Conference.

By Pam Gidwani Aug 6, 2014

Every year at the Tableau Conference, the winners of our Tableau Public visualization contests meet in Tableau Stadium to answer the ultimate question: whose viz will reign supreme?

By Ross Perez Aug 4, 2014

This is part two in a three-part series about Tableau Data Extracts. In the first post, we looked at how Tableau Data Extracts are built and used by Tableau. If the content of the first post did not already sell you on the benefits of TDEs, then here are several reasons that Tableau Data Extracts (TDEs) are valuable—even essential—to Tableau users:

By Gordon Rose Jul 31, 2014

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is committed to the values of transparency and accountability—both within the university and externally. This commitment extends to the university’s strategic planning efforts—and was a big part of why they chose to visualize their metrics and publish them publicly.

By Kathleen Goepferd Jul 23, 2014

This past June, Jessica Hennessey, an assistant professor of economics at Furman University used a Tableau for Teaching travel grant to speak at the American Economic Association Conference. She then recapped her experience for us and how Tableau changed her teaching experience. If you've ever wondered how Tableau is being used in education to enhance student learning, read on! And if you want to get a travel grant for your next academic conference, contact our Tableau for Teaching team for more details.

By Jason Schumacher Jul 22, 2014

Changes in the delivery of healthcare continues to be a leading subject throughout the country. A few Healthcare organizations are using innovative tools, such as Tableau Software, to better understand and react in order to improve healthcare outcomes. Improvement in health outcomes is based on providing better quality care at a reduced cost while still maintaining profitable operations in order to keep hospital and clinic doors open.There are multiple ways that healthcare organizations approach this – sometimes by reducing a patient’s length of stay. However, this can lead to a patient needing to be re-admitted for an unresolved medical issue. Are the long term costs of such an approach more costly than the short-term gains?

By Morgan Wierleski Jul 21, 2014