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In Tableau Version 9.0 we’ve invested in making performance enhancements across the product to help you get results faster and ask deeper questions. Features ranging from Parallel Queries to Query Fusion and Data Engine Improvements let you focus on your data and creatively explore the insights it has to offer.

By Clara Siegel Jan 30, 2015

Create powerful views of your Tableau Server usage to get more out of your deployment. It’s business intelligence on business intelligence— “Bi on BI.”

By Michael Chen Jan 27, 2015
By Marc Rueter Jan 22, 2015

The closing installment of 2014's Best of the Tableau Web series includes tools to help you dashboard better, a piece on what Tableau is NOT, and everything in between. Read on for your monthly dose of Tableau tips, tricks, and chatter from around the web.

By Morgan Wierleski Jan 20, 2015

Conversations are the backbone of human interactions. Without conversations we do not develop ideas, learn from others, or gain new insights. Conversations with data are just as important: pioneering businesses favour data-driven conversations over dead-end dashboards.

By Andy Cotgreave Jan 20, 2015

In the world of healthcare, there are a lot of moving parts. The industry is multi-faceted, and employs people from a wide range of specialties. Michael Thurston is an analyst for the human resources (HR) department at Intermountain Healthcare. While not a traditional healthcare story, his tale is equally important. After all, his work is all about empowering a workforce—a workforce, in this case, that provides care to thousands of patients.

By Michelle Wallace Jan 14, 2015

Update: We are excited to announce that Tableau 9.0 is now available. Many of you began receiving emails Friday night letting you know that the Tableau 9.0 beta is out. Several of the features in Tableau 9.0 were shown at the 2014 Tableau Conference. You can see the keynote presentation from TC14 here to get an idea of what’s coming out. There’s much more on the beta than we had time to show at the conference.

By Ellie Fields Jan 12, 2015

The Leicestershire County Council is responsible for all kinds of public services in England. Says Robert Radburn, the county's Research & Insight Team Leader, "There are around 670,000 people in Leicestershire and they all use one of our services whether they know it or not." Which means they need to understand a lot of information. Robert's team looks at web usage data, survey analytics, and a whole lot more—and it’s just not possible to develop deep specialties in all of those areas. By taking a self-service approach, they've been able to answer loads of questions on a variety of topics.

By Michelle Wallace Jan 9, 2015

5 chart types you may have never used that add flair to any dashboard.

By Lucas Stewart Dec 30, 2014

This year has seen an explosion of blogs about Tableau. It's hugely enjoyable to read your posts each month. Whether its beginner tips, jedi hacks or constructive commentary, we're always cheered by the time people spend sharing their ideas. Each month we curate the best content in our Best Of... series. I teamed up with Lari and Sophie from the Tableau Product Marketing team to look back at the year and choose a favourite from each post.

By Andy Cotgreave Dec 17, 2014

As Hadoop becomes more and more popular for helping organizations deal with big and unstructured data, the conversation around how to leverage SQL based tools and expertise with Hadoop for better analytical insights is becoming a hot topic. We at Tableau love being in the middle of these discussions since it lets us better understand how we can achieve our mission of helping people see and understand their data. For this reason we are excited to join the SQL-on-Hadoop live Twitter Q&A happening Wednesday, December 17th starting at 11:30am PST to discuss the open-source project Apache Drill.

By Dustin Smith Dec 12, 2014