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Can you believe June is practically over?! Neither can we, and we're excited to review this month's best blog content. So take a seat, enjoy the summer and indulge in some Tableau!

By Tracy Fitzgerald Jun 30, 2014

When it comes to spotting patterns and trends in the data around you, your eye is one of the best tools around. Visually, it’s easy to bounce from one point to another. And with your eyes, you can make intuitive connections before you even realize you’re thinking about them. That’s what we call flow. We know—it’s an overused word. But what it’s really about is lack of clutter and distraction. It’s about the freedom to let your eyes and brain do what they already do so well together. And we think that’s pretty important. In a new whitepaper, Tableau’s User Experience Manager Jeff Pettiross explains why it’s also an essential part of your dashboard design.

By Michelle Wallace Jun 26, 2014

The Google I/O announcement everyone is buzzing about is their new data pipeline service. Google Cloud Dataflow means ingesting, transforming, and analyzing big data in the cloud just got a lot easier. Even better, Tableau users already leveraging the power of Google BigQuery will be able to take full advantage of Dataflow to ease their heavy data lifting headaches.

By Dustin Smith Jun 26, 2014

It's official-- Tableau Desktop is on the Mac! Tableau Desktop for the Mac has the look and feel you expect from a native Mac application. It even has support for high-resolution displays like the Mac Retina display. It's part of Tableau 8.2, the newest release of Tableau, which also includes a new way to tell stories with data and a raft of other features.

By Ellie Fields Jun 18, 2014

Tableau 8.2 is out, and it includes one of my favorite new features: Story Points. If you haven't already seen this new feature in action, it lets you assemble various insights to tell an interactive data story. What about you? What's your favorite new feature in Tableau 8.2?

By Daniel Hom Jun 18, 2014

V = T + I + E + C Does the above equation contain all you need to know about measuring the success of your visualization? John Stasko thinks so, and he explained why in his keynote at EuroVis 2014, in Swansea, last week.

By Andy Cotgreave Jun 13, 2014
By Elaine Chen Jun 11, 2014

In Tableau 8.2 (currently in beta) we've completely redesigned the "Connect to Data" experience. A new visual data window lets you drag tables onto the canvas, preview it, and join it to other data visually. This video shows you what it looks like.

By Ellie Fields Jun 11, 2014

This post specifies impact and available solutions of the OpenSSL vulnerabilities announced June 5, 2014.

By Dan Jewett Jun 10, 2014

Do you know a passionate Tableau evangelist? Are they constantly seeking to help others visualize their data? They are a potential Tableau Zen Master. Throughout June, we are seeking your nominations for the 2014 Zen Masters.

By Andy Cotgreave Jun 5, 2014

This is a guest post by Kathy Rowell at HealthDataViz. Kathy and her team of healthcare experts help organizations align systems, design reports, and develop staff to communicate healthcare data clearly. I have watched with great interest as the U.S. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has made hospital charge data available to the public, and different groups have begun reporting on it. I imagine that many of you share my core feeling about this topic (one that I have long held, and that the publication of this data changed not at all): hospital charges do not reflect the true cost of delivering care. Displaying what these institutions charge without adequate explanation and context is therefore deeply misleading.

By Morgan Wierleski May 28, 2014

This is a guest post by Ritu Jain, Director of Industry Marketing at Alteryx. A research study by KPMG showed that only about 12% of retailers consider their organization to be highly analytically literate. In a similar vein, 77% of retailer respondents in a recent RSR Research survey listed limited availability of analytical skills to be the biggest organizational inhibitor in wider spread usage of analytics.

By Sasha Pasulka May 22, 2014

Designing effective dashboards is a challenge of design, usability, and efficient insight. There are many sources of inspiration. At our Conference on Tour in The Hague, Steffen Mueller (@iluvanalytics) from HERE built a NASDAQ-inspired dashboard of net promoter scores.

By Andy Cotgreave May 20, 2014

You may not have heard of GlobalCollect but you probably have used their services. They control web-based payments for many major services across the world. If you’ve ever bought something online it’s likely you’ve used GlobalCollect.

By Andy Cotgreave May 16, 2014

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By Andy Cotgreave May 16, 2014