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The Irish have a common greeting: “Céad míle fáilte,” which means “100,000 welcomes.” And we felt the warmth of as many welcomes when we opened our Dublin office with the Irish prime minster present this week. Taoiseach (“chief” in Gaelic) Enda Kenny TD joined us at our new space commemorate the opening.

By Kelly Genton Sep 18, 2015

An effective data visualization lets users see and understand the data at the speed of thought. You can visualize data from biology labs, accounting case studies, or any other subject you’re studying to find answers faster. Here are five ways to improve the overall value of your dashboards.

By Liz Feller Sep 16, 2015

The Information Lab’s Data School opened its doors earlier this summer to “create the next generation of Tableau Jedis and Alteryx Aces.” The London school’s training focuses on using Tableau and Alteryx to see and understand data. The school’s inaugural class is halfway through its training. The students shared these thoughts and tips on learning to visualize data.

By Guest Author Sep 11, 2015

Tableau 9.1 includes our new Web Data Connector, which lets you connect to any web data accessible over HTTP. In conjunction with this great new feature, we are excited to introduce the Tableau 9.1 Web Data Connector Software Development Kit. Want to quickly start building your own connectors? In addition to great documentation, a test simulator, and our JavaScript library, the SDK features a number of code samples to help kickstart your efforts.

By Nicolas Brisoux Sep 10, 2015

Seven years ago, I predicted that IBM’s Watson would become a prevalent platform for data analysis. Watson had just won its famous battle over Jeopardy, and it was already apparent that the technology behind this remarkable system could be adapted to a number of domains. IBM has done just that, having released a version called WatsonAnalytics that exploits statistical and machine learning methods to discover hidden patterns in data sets. Watson’s natural language front-end enables it to converse with analysts in ordinary terms and is (along with Wolfram Alpha), an instance of what I call verbal analytics.

By Leland Wilkinson Sep 8, 2015

What’s on people’s minds when it comes to their work lives? We looked to Google trends data for insights. We visualized 12 years of data for the terms “job satisfaction,” vacation days,” and “work hours.”

By Emily Chen Sep 7, 2015

One the many gems in this month’s roundup: a Tableau personality test! Put this test to the test by using the sliders to answer the questions, says Matt Francis, who created the test using a radar chart.

By Miranda Li Sep 4, 2015

The Tableau 9.1 feature I'm most excited about is the Web Data Connector. With this feature, any developer can write his or her own connector to a web data source and bring that data directly into Tableau. Many of our beta participants and Tableau team members have already written their own connectors with the Web Data Connector. These allow Tableau users to connect directly to sources like Facebook, Mapbox, and for the first time. Tableau 9.1 will open many new possibilities for developers. To celebrate it all, we’d like to invite you to meet our developers.

By Michelle Wallace Sep 2, 2015

Most people understand the value and benefits of cloud as a deployment model. These include increased agility and efficiency of hardware resources, elasticity, metering, and lower cost. But cloud analytics solutions have evolved further to provide new drivers of business value–namely helping businesses become more integral and responsive to their customers’ needs.

By Ajay Chandramouly Sep 1, 2015

Can we set a default value for a quick filter based on an action? Don’t be too quick to say, “No!” That was my first inclination. But I was wrong; there is a way!

By Guest Author Aug 28, 2015

Sixteen Tableau User Groups around the world spent the month of July fiercely competing in the War of TUGs. From Colorado to Atlanta, to Paris, our user groups tackled school performance data from the Ohio Department of Education, and created vizzes to benefit StriveTogether, an education-focused non-profit. We received 28 submissions from 16 TUGs who participated in the competition organized by Shawn Wallwork of our Albuquerque group.

By Lauren Rogers Aug 28, 2015

Visual analytics is transforming the way government leaders make critical decisions, meet their mission goals, and interact with the public. New trends in measuring performance management promise opportunity for growth, sustainability, and efficiency. Here are four ways in which government agencies can use visual analytics to improve performance management.

By Christine Carmichael Aug 26, 2015

We’re proud to announce Tableau Online has successfully completed its SOC 2 Type II audit. We worked with MossAdams LLP, an independent certified public accounting firm, to perform an in-depth audit of the control objects and activities for Tableau Online. The Type II audit validates the strength of our controls over time and highlights our ongoing commitment to security.

By Ariel Companioni Aug 24, 2015

The web is an amazing source of data. It’s big, free, and constantly being updated. But data on the web is hard to access. That’s where comes in. It’s a web platform that turns websites into structured tables of data that are actually useful. With structured data, you can find unique insights and spot new trends leading them to make better, more informed decisions.

By Sophie Sparkes Aug 24, 2015
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