Tableau 9.3 Has Arrived

By Ryan McShane March 23, 2016

The state of the Union is strong! Tableau 9.3 is here with several features you suggested. These include content metrics, revision history, and, yes, Union.

Now you can use Union to combine data even when it's spread across multiple tabs or files. Bring together Excel or text-based files with just a few clicks—no more manually combining Excel sheets.

And that's just Union. In Tableau 9.3, you can also connect live to cutting-edge cloud data sources like Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse.

We've also made sharing dashboards easier with automatic sign-in and other publishing-flow improvements. Find important dashboards faster with content metrics and smarter search for Tableau Online and Tableau Server. And don’t worry if a new dashboard doesn’t work as expected. Simply roll back to a previous version with revision history.

Check out the updates to our global maps data. We've added postal codes for 42 European countries and Indian districts. We've also updated US demographic data layers and zip codes for 2016.

And we've improved the Tableau Online Sync Client, which makes sure your data is always fresh even if you are signed out of the sync computer.

Throughout the Tableau 9.3 beta, we've gotten a steady stream of feedback from the Tableau community including lots of chatter about Union.

Momentum for Tableau 9.3 has been building since we announced the beta in late January. Check out our beta announcement and explore our Tableau 9.3 blog series to learn more about individual features.

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Tableau 9.3 Beta Is Here

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to all the beta testers who tried Tableau 9.3 beta. If you’d like to be involved in future beta programs, let us know at

Download Tableau 9.3 today.

To see the new features in action, join us for our webinar on Thursday, April 7 at 10 a.m. PST.


Submitted by Mark B. on

Can we have the use of CTE (Common Table Expressions) in the next version :-)

Submitted by Sten L. on

What happened to the wildcard union for 9.3? I can't find it?

Submitted by Joe L. on

why not add more data for China and other Asian countries such as map, zip code, etc. It's important for users.

Submitted by Gord Nuttall (not verified) on

Is it just Excel and CSV file type data sources that can be unioned?

Submitted by Cynthia N. on

Can you use Union to combine worksheets from different Tableau workbooks? For example, bringing in different worksheets from multiple Tableau workbooks on a single dashboard.

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