Tableau 9.2 Is Here

By Ryan McShane December 7, 2015

Feed your data curiosity with Tableau 9.2.

You can now explore your favorite vizzes from anywhere with our brand new iPhone app. And check out Tableau Mobile's additional enhancements including geolocation and improved search for iOS.

You can take your geographic analysis further. We’ve added MapBox integration, a leading mapping data platform. Drop in satellite imagery with a few clicks, or incorporate your own custom maps.

We love hearing your ideas, which often turn into features. Tableau 9.2 includes features you first suggested. For instance, our data prep feature now includes sub-table detection. And you can now choose where totals show up—a request that’s gotten more than 500 votes on the Tableau Ideas Forum.

With every Tableau release, we bring a slew of new enterprise features. This release includes project-level permissions, updated connectors, and new authentication technologies.

Momentum for Tableau 9.2 has been building since we announced the beta at the Tableau Conference in October. Check out our beta announcement and other key product updates from our development team.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to all the beta testers who tried out Tableau 9.2. If you’d like to be involved in future beta programs, let us know at

Download Tableau 9.2 or get the iPhone app.


Submitted by Sara (not verified) on

I do not see the outlier and clustering features. Are they included on this update?

Submitted by Andrei (not verified) on

When cross-DB joins and filters will be available?

Submitted by Brian M. on

Answered my own question... Using RAWSQL_STR() I can refer to a REGEXP_INSTR() function in the SQL query and it works fine:

case WHEN regexp_instr(%1, %2) > 0 then 'Brand'
else 'Non-Brand'
", [search query], [brand name] )

My first argument is a dimension, while my Brand Name argument is a string parameter where I can input Regex.

Submitted by Kenny (not verified) on

I was really hoping that dynamic parameters would be an issue address with 9.2. Any idea if and when this will be resolved?

Submitted by Tim S (not verified) on

What about "viz within a viz" in the tooltip and designing dashboards for specific devices?

Submitted by Jonathan Drummey (not verified) on

For folks asking about new features, the announcement at the end of keynote was that what we we could expect to see what's not in 9.2 (clustering, outliers, cross data source filtering, etc.) sometime in 2016. As for dynamic parameters: cross data source filtering addresses about 60% of the user population for dynamic parameters (that coming from a personal convo with one of the Tableau dev leads) and the new data highlighter addresses another chunk.


Submitted by Mark Wu (not verified) on

You can find 9.2 new feature summary @

Submitted by prashant (not verified) on

No major new features with the Release, Please try to work on listed ideas (dynamic Parameters, Container level scroll, Loops in Calculated fields)

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