Lightning Round Tips and Tricks - Tableau 8.2 Edition

By Ross Perez July 15, 2014
Tableau 8.2 contains two important new features that will make your work with Tableau easier and more effective. Watch the video to see how: Connection Process

Connecting to data has always been opaque in comparison to Tableau's visual drag-and-drop process for creating visualizations. Luckily, Tableau 8.2 clears away the confusion with a beautiful, easy-to-use connection process that allows you to connect to data more quickly, and decrease the complexity of joins with a visual and clear view of your data.

Story Points

Tableau's interactive dashboards have always been a useful tool for displaying a large amount of information in a compact space. However, most dashboards have more than one useful view. You may want to filter down to a particular year to show the first sales in a product line, or annotate an outlier country. Stories, new to Tableau 8.2, allow you to filter and call out points like this in succession, and then save those points so others can view them.

Take a look at the video to see these new features in action.


Submitted by ktb3 (not verified) on

best for programmers

Submitted by hans (not verified) on

Good Job!! I like the tell a story function!!

Submitted by adam thomson (not verified) on

Yeah Ross. Thanks for the tips!

Submitted by Brian Mc. (not verified) on

Awesome! fantastic execution of the whole "Key Highlights" issue that I have always lived with in big reports...Keep it up..

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