When we asked you to share #DataLessons (advice for people starting their data journey), the wisdom started flowing in! And once again, we were reminded of what a generous and thriving community we have. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced vizzer, we are sure that some of these tips will resonate with you as much as they did with us! Here are the highlights.

By Jade Le Van Sep 30, 2016

What an honour! #MakeoverMonday has been shortlisted for “Best DataViz Project” in the Kantar Information Is Beautiful Awards.

By Andy Cotgreave Sep 29, 2016

Andy Kriebel recently posted a great tutorial on adding vertical lines to a slope graph using reference lines. This works great for slope graphs when you are comparing the same measure across dimensions, but what if you want to compare two measures across a dimension?

By Guest Author Sep 28, 2016

You've heard from the candidates—but what does the data say? Join us as we explore the data stories behind the US elections.

By Jenny Richards Sep 27, 2016

See and understand your JSON data without data prep! In Tableau 10.1, you can connect to your local JSON files, reason about their structure, and start analyzing.

By Arthur Gyldenege Sep 26, 2016

Learn how to ensure your on-premise data is always pushed to Tableau Online.

By Riley Maris Sep 23, 2016

A few weeks ago, I created a viz that tracks the position of the International Space Station using a live JSON feed and the Tableau Javascript API. Building this visualization requires a bit of coding, HTML, Javascript, and AJAX, but the code is very short and very straightforward.

By Guest Author Sep 22, 2016

This month, I received the news that I had finally reached a career-long goal of being named a Tableau Zen Master, Tableau’s highest honor. As I felt the outpouring of support from the community, I put a lot of thought into the most appropriate response. I quickly realized that simply responding to tweets or LinkedIn messages would not do it justice, so I’m documenting some thoughts here to share with the community.

By Guest Author Sep 21, 2016

How can I get automatically notified when the work queue gets larger? How can I get alerted whenever sales drop below a threshold? Tableau 10.1 begins to address these needs with the new conditional subscriptions feature. As one of the developers of VizAlerts, I’m thrilled that Tableau is building more functionality into the core product. Let me show you how you can use this new feature.

By Guest Author Sep 19, 2016

For PepsiCo, the journey to analytics success was not easy. There were many hurdles along the way. But by using Trifacta to wrangle disparate data, analyst Mike Riegling and his team reduced end-to-end run time of analysis by as much as 70 percent. And with Tableau, the team cut report production time as much as 90 percent.

By Vaidy Krishnan Sep 19, 2016

Marketers, rejoice! We are excited to announce our new Marketo connector in Tableau 10. This new connector means you can connect directly from Tableau to see and understand your campaigns, leads, and lead activities—no ETL, data warehouse, or spreadsheets required.

By Nicolas Brisoux Sep 19, 2016

According to Fast Company, “Both demand and salaries have been rising for people who can work with and analyze data.” Easy access to the tools to gain these skills is only half the battle. Unfortunately, you can’t just download viz-whiz skills like you can download a free copy of Tableau, but we’re here to help you expand your skill set.

By Liz Feller Sep 16, 2016

In the great book Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath, they have a great story about a local newspaper in a small town that says they would literally print names from the phone book if they could. They know that when people see their name, or the name of someone they know, there is an emotional attachment that gets the reader to care about the content. The same is true in data-viz land.

By Guest Author Sep 15, 2016

Last week, I learned that I was selected as a Tableau Zen Master. I am extremely excited and humbled to join such an exceptional group of Tableau talent. As I reflect on my journey, I wanted to share a few tips that helped me and will hopefully inspire others.

By Guest Author Sep 14, 2016

I never was very excited about working with data until after graduation. That’s when I learned what a joy it is to visualize my own data. I loved the idea of telling visual stories with data I actually cared about. I could finally see how data applied to my own life! I wish I’d known this back in college. So I thought I’d share six data visualizations I wish I had during my college years.

By Midori Ng Sep 13, 2016

When I discovered Tableau at work, it was like the day I got my first digital camera. I had finally found a tool with which I could answer my customers’ questions faster than ever before! And I could also apply my passion for photography when designing dashboards.

By Guest Author Sep 12, 2016

We are delighted to announce our new 2016-2017 Tableau Zen Masters. This year, we have selected 27 people who represent the three pillars of our program.

By Andy Cotgreave Sep 9, 2016

Pick a starter kit based on your role and platform, and explore a curated list of free resources. Are you authoring vizzes in Tableau Desktop? Consuming content in Tableau Online? Publishing to Tableau Server? Whatever your role, we have a Starter Kit for you!

By Lari McEdward Sep 8, 2016

Check out the latest round of the best of the Tableau web!

By Martha Kang Sep 7, 2016

The not-so-fun part of working in tourism in the summer: I had to let many customers know their dream trips were already sold out. I had a feeling the time span between the initial inquiry and the desired departure date was getting smaller every day. Naturally, I needed to validate my feelings with hard facts.

By Guest Author Sep 6, 2016

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