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They’re your superheroes when you have viz problems. They’re the ones you call when you’ve got a data connection question. They’re your Tableau support team, and now you can reach them on Twitter.

By Michelle Wallace Feb 12, 2016

Tableau has supported passing initial SQL for some time, but only for a handful of data sources. And it was missing a critical piece of the pie; you could not dynamically pass parameters like username. With Tableau 9.3, we have added the first round of data sources that support not only initial SQL but also the ability to pass parameters to the database that are evaluated at runtime.

By Jason Burns Feb 11, 2016

It is amazing the difference a single change to a data visualization can make. Sometimes it changes the whole story, or at least gives a totally new perspective. Even a small tweak to your viz can uncover new perspectives and new data stories.

By Guest Author Feb 11, 2016

Since we released the Web Data Connector as part of Tableau 9.1, we’ve been thrilled to see the enthusiastic community reaction to this platform. We will continue to invest in the WDC platform to help our community connect Tableau to the data they care about most. But we also want to give you a chance to contribute to the platform.

By Brendan Lee Feb 9, 2016

This post shares a workaround for adding a “reference line” to a dimension.

By Guest Author Feb 7, 2016

As Tableau’s sports data analyst, I feel it is my duty to get you all prepared for the Super Bowl. So I’ve analyzed the most compelling matchup of the game: Panthers quarterback Cam Newton versus Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

By Dash Davidson Feb 5, 2016

Data storytelling is undergoing a big change, one that will influence not only data journalism but also how data is shown in the business world. And 2016 will only accelerate this trend.

By Andy Cotgreave Feb 5, 2016

In January, there were 42 Tableau User Group meetings around the world, and there are hundreds of active groups. The San Francisco group is one of the largest and most active, and I always have a good time when I go.

By Ellie Fields Feb 3, 2016

Today I have great news: Vizable 1.2 is now available in the App Store! I’m most excited about our new sharing feature: You can now share an interactive view with friends and colleagues so they can ask and answer their own questions. They can open up your Viz file and start right where you left off.

By Dave Story Feb 2, 2016

Here at Tableau, we know that a truly enterprise-ready tool empowers both the business and IT, both self-service and governance.This balance is the hallmark of modern enterprise analytics. That’s why with each release, we’re dedicated to making Tableau even more powerful for not only the individual users but also IT. Tableau 9.3 includes several Tableau Server management features to help IT streamline governance. Here are the details.

By Ramesh Gowrishankar Feb 2, 2016

From basic tips to the super-hacky and everything in between, here are the Best of the Tableau Web for the month of January.

By Florian Ramseger Feb 1, 2016

You’ve seen them in the Tableau community. You’ve been drawn to attend their user group meetings. You’ve been inspired by what they’ve shared in the social stratosphere. I’m talking about the new Tableau Ambassadors!

By Tracy Rodgers Jan 29, 2016

I was on a call with Zen Masters Steve Wexler, Jeff Shaffer, and Robert Rouse. We were talking about formatting labels, and Robert was saying, “Well, of course, you can just drag the labels around.” “Wait. What?” I said.

By Andy Cotgreave Jan 28, 2016

Andy Kriebel and Jeffrey Shaffer live an ocean apart. But for the past 10 months, the two have been corresponding by postcards each week—all for the love of data. Every week, they each collect data based on the week’s theme. Then they each visualize the findings by hand on a postcard and mail it to the other.

By Martha Kang Jan 27, 2016

Seriously, this is going to rock your Tableau map world.

By Guest Author Jan 25, 2016

One of our favorite—but often forgotten—methods of sharing is to embed Tableau views on other websites. Be it your company’s intranet, a customer portal, or even a mobile app, embedded analytics can be a powerful way to provide information within your existing infrastructure.

By Marshall Daly Jan 25, 2016

Is there a single “best” way to visualize data in a particular scenario and for a particular audience, or are there multiple “good enough” ways? This is going to sound strange, but I think both are right.

By Ben Jones Jan 22, 2016

Data doesn’t always come ready for analysis. As many of you have experienced, some data needs a lot of work before it can be sanely analyzed. The good news: Tableau 9.3 (currently in beta) offers a quick fix to that problem.

By Roger Hau Jan 21, 2016

You asked for improvements to the Tableau Server toolbar, and we heard you. We’ve released Tableau 9.2.2, which includes several changes in response to your feedback.

By Zi Krostag Jan 20, 2016
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