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It might seem obvious, but I’ve seen, time and again, companies hire brilliant people only to have them spend a great deal of their time being a data monkey. So I’ve created this video to raise awareness and persuade analysts and their superiors to take a step back and see if they could benefit from report automation.

By Guest Author Jul 22, 2016

At Tableau, we love to geek out about social media analytics. But getting started with social data can be challenging, especially because there are so many tools to choose from. If you’re a social media marketer, chances are you already have some favorite tools in your toolkit. And many of these probably include data.

By Michelle Wallace Jul 21, 2016

Building maps just got even easier in Tableau 10! We’ve added more postal codes, more administrative boundaries, and more cities. We’ve also enhanced our geographic-role detection logic that will help you go from data source to viz even faster!

By Kent Marten Jul 20, 2016

You can't always answer your questions with a single data set. Sometimes, to answer your hardest questions, you have to integrate multiple data sets to uncover insight. That’s why I am so excited about cross-database joins, a new feature in Tableau 10.

By Roger Hau Jul 19, 2016

Got mad Tableau chops? Differentiate yourself by becoming Tableau-certified. We offer two different certifications to help you showcase your skills. First prove your technical prowess with a Qualified Associate exam, then get tested on best practices in a Certified Professional Exam.

By Megan Fay Jul 18, 2016

You may remember publishing data sources got easier in Tableau 9.3. In Tableau 10, we’ve introduced the same delightful flow to publishing workbooks!

By Clara Siegel Jul 14, 2016

Do you know someone who is a true Tableau evangelist? Does this person use his or her skills to teach others and bring our mission to help people see and understand their data to as many people as possible? If so, that person just might have what it takes to be a Tableau Zen Master. From today until August 11, we are seeking your nominations for the 2016-2017 Zen Masters.

By Andy Cotgreave Jul 12, 2016

For those customers running their applications and managing their data in Microsoft Azure, we’d recommend taking a look at Azure SQL Data Warehouse as it’s a massively-parallel processing, high-performance version built for analytics use cases. You can connect Azure SQL Data Warehouse to Tableau through our existing SQL Server connector.

By Dan Kogan Jul 12, 2016

Density maps are a great way to show concentration in an area. Let me show you how to create a density map in Tableau. Then we'll take it a step further to use hexbins as part of our density map.

By Guest Author Jul 11, 2016

Tableau 10 lets you subscribe other users to your workbooks and views. You can make sure your entire team sees your weekly KPI reports, or your executives receive your quarterly sales progress in their inbox whenever you want.

By Michael Chen Jul 10, 2016

In a world where people can favorite their workbooks and views, data sources have been feeling a bit left out. That’s changing in Tableau 10. You can now mark your favorite data source. And we’ve also made it easier to find the most popular data sources.

By Meghal Patel Jul 8, 2016

Tableau 10 is coming, and in order to celebrate, we hosted the second annual Tableau Virtual User Group last month. If you thought last year’s was good, this year’s event was even better.

By Tracy Rodgers Jul 7, 2016

Our new Tableau Mobile app is the fastest and most delightful way to stay on top of your data. And we want to make it easy for your entire organization to leverage it. To support your enterprise needs, we’re adding support for VMware Airwatch and MobileIron using a new industry approach called AppConfig. This means you can now securely deploy Tableau Mobile through mobile device-management (MDM) platforms.

By Ted Wasserman Jul 7, 2016

I started out with Tableau before my area had a user group. So, if I were new to Tableau again, what would I want to hear (again)?

By Guest Author Jul 6, 2016

Complex data can make these questions tough to answer even when you have distinct and well-separated groups. Plus the data is sometimes distributed in such a way that it contains no obvious gaps to distinguish groups via manual inspection. The good news: This process just got much easier in Tableau 10. The new clustering feature automatically groups together similar data points.

By Bora Beran Jul 5, 2016

The heat of summer might make us all crave an ice-cold drink at the bar. Good news: Here's a way to bring the bar to your visualizations. Tableau Social Ambassador Alexander Mou shows us how to raise the bar in our tooltips.

By Bob Middleton Jul 3, 2016

Tableau 10 includes a new feature that lets you ask additional questions of your data right on the web: web-dashboard authoring! That means you can create dashboards from scratch on the web, then easily share your work.

By Phil Naranjo Jul 1, 2016

As he puts it, 9-year-old Wake Ryan is “boldly going where no data story has gone before.” Wake recently found himself wondering: What’s the most popular Star Trek series? He himself is an Original Series fan, but he wanted to know what other people like.

By Martha Kang Jun 30, 2016

Ever wish you could make your dashboard look great on desktop and on mobile? Say hello to device designer in Tableau 10!

By Phil Naranjo Jun 29, 2016