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Continue discussing Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions. Since it is often easiest to learn through examples, we will showcase some common analytical questions that LOD Expressions solve elegantly. We will start with simple examples and get progressively more complex throughout the series.

By Bronson Shonk Feb 23, 2015

We're putting the finishing touches on Tableau 9.0, and we're excited to hit the road (and the Internet!) to show you what's new in 9.0. Today, we're pleased to announce the dates and cities for the Tableau 9.0 Roadshow, and to announce a brand new "show" for people who can't make it to a roadshow date.

By Sasha Pasulka Feb 23, 2015

Learn more detail about an addition to the Tableau calculation language. The language changes are small, deceptively small, but the impact on your data analysis will be profound. Level of Detail Expressions (LOD Expressions) in Tableau 9 will enable richer and more reusable visualizations.

By Robin Cottiss Feb 18, 2015

Libraries have been around for millennia, storing the world's knowledge and equipping people with the information they need. Today, public libraries help billions of people access information in our increasingly connected world. One of them is the Brooklyn Public Library system in New York City—which serves 2.5 million residents and offers millions of books and access to more than 1,000 free Internet-accessible computers. Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) wanted to make sure that it was meeting its patrons' needs. “We do so much to touch the lives of people in Brooklyn,” says Selvon Smith, the library's CIO. But it was difficult to measure that effort.

By Michelle Wallace Feb 18, 2015

Don't you hate it when people wish you a happy new year when we're already deep into January? Well, happy new year from all the way in early February! I have the honor (and very serious responsibility) of curating January's batch of Best of the Tableau Web.

By Sasha Pasulka Feb 11, 2015

Back in August, I wrote about how the Tableau Development Team uses the Ideas section of the Tableau Community. As Thierry mentioned in that post, we use the Ideas section to help develop the product roadmap. In fact, with the release of the 9.0 Beta, 23 of the 45+ features were taken from the Ideas section – that’s roughly 50%!

By Tracy Fitzgerald Feb 5, 2015

We all have lots of 'where' questions. Where are the students with the highest grades? Where is the nearest hospital with the lowest wait time? How do my sales in one city compare to this other one?

By Daniel Hom Feb 4, 2015

“Manufacturers in general have a lot of data but they don't use it very effectively.” These are the words of Dan Meier, a manufacturing IT expert who we recently interviewed. Dan has been working with manufacturing data for more than 20 years, and we enjoyed hearing more about the industry from him. Manufacturers can use data to monitor workflow, orders, shipping rates, and the amount of yield they’re getting from materials—and that’s just to name a few potential uses. The importance of data, Dan explained, is that it can get to the root-cause of an issue. And when everyone’s operating from the same source of data, then efficiency and compliance can also improve.

By Michelle Wallace Feb 3, 2015

In Tableau Version 9.0 we’ve invested in making performance enhancements across the product to help you get results faster and ask deeper questions. Features ranging from Parallel Queries to Query Fusion and Data Engine Improvements let you focus on your data and creatively explore the insights it has to offer.

By Clara Siegel Jan 30, 2015

Create powerful views of your Tableau Server usage to get more out of your deployment. It’s business intelligence on business intelligence— “Bi on BI.”

By Michael Chen Jan 27, 2015

Analytics isn't just for pretty data. Tableau 9.0, currently in beta, automates cleaning up messy data, especially Excel spreadsheets. This includes The Tableau Data Interpreter to automatically identify the structure of an excel file, new tools to pivot and split data, and a new layout to quickly operate on metadata. Together with the Automatic Data Modeling that was released in 8.2, these new features help you quickly get your data ready for analysis.

By Marc Rueter Jan 22, 2015
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