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What's the best way to compare two categories over time? We'll explore the options in this final post in our UK election series.

By Andy Cotgreave May 28, 2015

Tableau Online now offers a single sign-on experience that benefits both data explorers and their IT departments. In just a few clicks, companies can configure SAML 2.0 authentication for Tableau Online. This allows for seamless embedding of visualizations and Active Directory synchronization through corporate identity providers.

By Ashley Jaschke May 27, 2015

If anyone could’ve imagined a thing like Tableau decades ago, it might’ve been Lee Wilkinson, Tableau's new vice president of statistics.

By Martha Kang May 26, 2015

Often the raw values are not as important as the actual ranks. This is true in sports, politics, and any instance where final positioning is more important than the actual values. As with all chart types, showing the data in one way means a compromise. A bump chart hides the underlying raw values.

By Andy Cotgreave May 22, 2015

The Tableau bloggers have been busy this month from writing about wide range of topics, from Tableau 9.0 to New York Real Estate.

By Tara Walker May 21, 2015

Tableau Online's new Online Sync Client is here! This highly anticipated feature will make it easier to keep your on-premise and cloud application data fresh in Tableau Online.

By Elaine Chen May 19, 2015

What if you could make everyone on your sales team more productive? That's what organizations are trying to accomplish by embedding live, visual data right inside of salesforce. We are happy to announce that Tableau's Salesforce Canvas connector, which lets you embed visualizations inside Salesforce, is now live and out of beta.

By Ellie Fields May 18, 2015

Throughout May, we’ve been analysing how the media used Twitter in the UK general election. I’m going to do a series of posts on my favourite charts from the project, explaining why they were useful and how they show data in unusual ways.

By Andy Cotgreave May 12, 2015

We’re excited to announce that Tableau has joined the Amazon Web Services Marketplace.

By Ashley Jaschke May 6, 2015

"The Avengers: Age of Ultron" hits theaters today, and as data geeks, we’re pretty excited to see all the data it generates. Between movie reviews, social media mentions, and box office numbers, tons of data is going to be created this weekend. Of course, data about the Avengers has been available for a long time. After all, Marvel first introduced the superhero team back in 1963! So to celebrate the new release, we rounded up our all-time favorite visualizations about the Marvel universe.

By Michelle Wallace May 1, 2015

When I recently mentioned that I enjoyed making games in Tableau, the response I got was, “Can I ask what the fascination is for trying to use Tableau this way? It's a bit like trying to build a crane to prove that you can use a lawn mower to prune a tree.” So why do I build games in Tableau? Let me tell you, and along the way share with you a few practical Tableau tips and tricks.

By Joshua Milligan Apr 30, 2015

Did you know that the Tableau Community has close to 50,000 users? And of those 50,000, there are a handful that really stand out. These people not only respond to other’s questions, they provide explanations and exhibit patience to get to the root of the issue. They also provide useful tips and tricks for ways to use Tableau, in addition to help organize and maintain the integrity of the community itself. In essence, they are the spirit of Tableau. I’m talking about our first group of Tableau Ambassadors for the Community Forums.

By Tracy Fitzgerald Apr 28, 2015

It’s time for the Viz Roundup! Every so often, we look back through our Viz of the Day feed and share our very favorites in a collected post—the chosen of the chosen. Whether meaningful, entertaining, or interesting, these are what we found to be the best creations from our exceptionally-talented Tableau Public community. Check out some of our favorites from the first few months of 2015.

By Lucas Stewart Apr 22, 2015

Sometimes you have too many visualizations for the size constraints of your dashboard. It can be tempting to throw every sheet onto the dashboard and just "make it work", but there are ways that you can keep those beautiful large views and utilize actions to hide your sheets and guide your users through your viz.

By Ross Perez Apr 21, 2015

With Google BigQuery, you can store billions of rows of data in the cloud. And with Tableau, you can visualize and analyze the data in seconds without writing a single line of code. In this demonstration, we’ll log into a database of 300 million rows using Tableau.

By Anthony Krinsky Apr 21, 2015

Hey, talk Tableau to me. No, really. This data viz by Jeff Shaffer and Allan Walker takes voice commands.

By Martha Kang Apr 15, 2015

March Madness marks the end to what our sports analyst Dash Davidson calls the “sports purgatory that is the weeks following the Super Bowl." To bridge the gap, Davidson curated a series of sports-related vizzes over on Tableau Public, where the entire month of March was dedicated to sports. Here are a few highlights.

By Martha Kang Apr 10, 2015
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