BI Survey 10 Ranks Tableau #1 in Loyalty, Ease of Implementation and Lowest Total Cost Across All Vendors

The BI Survey 10, the world's largest survey of business intelligence users, ranked Tableau number one in customer loyalty, lowest total cost of ownership (TCO), and agility (or ease of implementation) across all vendors. Produced by the Business Analytics Research Council (BARC), a highly regarded German IT analyst firm covering the analytics and business intelligence industry, the survey found that Tableau beat out all 25 other business intelligence vendors covered including QlikTech, MicroStrategy, Oracle, SAP/Business Objects, and IBM/Cognos.

The interactive dashboard below shows key factors from the BARC survey data, including Implementation Cost, Implementation Time and Customer Loyalty against key vendors.

Using graphs from the source BARC report, one of the survey's most critical measures is customer loyalty. Tableau had the highest scores of any product in the Survey for user loyalty, beating every one of the other 25 vendors measured. Figure 1 shows the total results by vendor.

Figure 1. Customer Loyalty

Intention to buy additional licenses is another important measure because it shows that existing customers are satisfied enough to want to spend more money with the vendor. Tableau was #1 in this category by a significant margin, as figure 2 below shows.

Figure 2. Intent to Buy Additional Licenses

One of Tableau's core benefits is its extraordinary speed and ease in implementation, which the survey captured. As the BARC analysts noted, "Tableau had the highest score in the area of in-house implementation by a very wide margin, skewing the entire chart. No other product came close."
Sometimes, a product achieves speed and ease of implementation but cannot contain total ownership costs. Not so with Tableau. Not only did Tableau record the highest score in in-house implementation, Tableau also recorded the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the entire sample. Figures 3 and 4 below are shown side by side to more easily compare vendors.

Figure 3. In-house Implementation (no external resources required)

Figure 4. Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Finally, Tableau ranked highest in innovation as measured by performance in predictive analytics. As Figure 5 shows, Tableau won out in the area of predictive analytics, even beating the statistics and analytics specialist SAS.

Figure 5. Innovation

Get BARC's report on Tableau.