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Wells Fargo: Innovation at an iconic US bank

While some challenges are new for Wells Fargo—such as redesigning the company’s business banking portal—others are as old as the Wild West. For example, gathering a great deal of data was easy, but helping people make great decisions based on that data was much harder.

After choosing Tableau, Wells Fargo was able to save time spent reshaping data, enable more in-depth analysis, and better understand the customer journey.

“The value of Tableau is that we're able to reach a really broad audience with a lot of information that we just couldn't do otherwise without an extremely large team,” says Christine Birtel, Head of Customer Insights & Analytics. More about Wells Fargo

concessions stands

Texas Rangers: Home runs from the front office

For the Texas Rangers, a Major League Baseball team, smart choices and agile moves aren’t limited to the baseball diamond.

From optimizing staffing with near-real-time insight into ticket sales to gauging just how all those peanuts and Cracker Jacks impact the bottom line—the Texas Rangers are using Tableau to be as nimble and smart in the back-office as their players are on the field.

“I can't strike someone out, but I can do my job every day and hopefully have an impact on the success of the organization,” says Mike Bullock, VP, Information Technology. “I think in the last year we've hit a home run with Tableau.” More about Texas Rangers

hardware investments
time-to-value compared with other solutions

JetSuite: Taking data to the cloud

As the nation’s fastest-growing private jet charter company, JetSuite doesn’t do anything slowly—and that includes data insight.

They chose Tableau Online for powerful, cloud-based data analysis that deploys at JetSuite speed. With Tableau Online, Mission Support Analysts were able to deliver results just days after downloading the software. No hardware, no need to recruit talent with specialized skills.

“I'm not having to worry about firewalls and configuring things correctly. It's there in the cloud, secure for my key executives to access anytime—even on a JetSuite aircraft at 40,000 feet,” said Steve Roy, IT Director. More about JetSuite

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